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Soiled Restroom Cinema Lands NEW Star - Sara Polton


This year Soiled Restroom Cinema will start off the show in 2017 with a brand new addition to the cast. the lovely Sara Polton. She has already guest appeared on the show before playing with such turds as Pompeii (2014)Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (2014), and 90 Minutes In Heaven (2015) to name just a few. She is a great addition to an already hilarious show. He delivery is always appreciated and it will be a great permanent addition to an already solid show. 

The online home of SRC can be found at and according to their website they state that "Sara Polton received her degree from VCU in Theater with a minor in Creative Writing. She is the creator of the award nominated ANSWERING MACHINE podcast. You can also catch her on the ZOOAPLEX podcast as Luanne. She was the lead in the 2015 48 hour film 1st place winner GENDER BENDER. Sara is also known for viral meme holding a "sorry for your loss" cake when she was laid off from her job on April Fool's Day."



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