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Unauthorized Russian Hacks

RU-Gamer, also known as “GKill” on the popular auction site eBay, is the mysterious seller of unauthorized hacks of a popular gaming console--the Sega Genesis. This console originally came out in North America in 1989 yet some of these unauthorized games are reported to be made as late as 2009.  Some of the more popular, and sought after, games are said to be based on relatively new movie releasesall of which were released well after the death of Sega in North America. All the games are released completely in an East Slavic language—the official language of Russia. 

RU-Gamer, with over 1,300 followers on eBay, was apparently selling these games for years. This leaves no doubt that many of these bizarre Russian hacks are out there in the world but no one knows exactly how many were ever made and/or sold in North America. Nor do we know to the extent of all the titles that they manufactured for a console that came out decades ago.

Seeing Mario played on anything but a Nintendo leaves you yearning for the beloved classic that we are all were used to playing in the U.S.A. from our childhood. The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, in the Soviet Union, is completely different and instead of fighting to free the princess, Mario must now learn to escape the clutches of the Red iron fist of Russia and somehow make it back to western civilization. There is no fear of converting to communism after playing these games because they all tend to be glitchy and very unreliable.

“It’s Mario... sort of... floating through bricks and throwing hadokens!” Anthony Dynar and Branden Haize said on their YouTube channel, TortureVision. This funny, yet informative, show called Low Score reviews many games but anything now extinct become a highly sought after commodity for collectors. In Their videos they explain the bizarre process eBay instructed them to go through in order to buy these. To say it was confusing is an under statement. They, at one point, ended up in Canada's and then Australia's eBay website… “We would have felt like criminals if it weren’t for eBay assuring us everything was fine...” Anthony said but at some point they mentioned that they ended up paying the Russian Federation during their conversion process and that't where it "got weird" Anthony said. 

What unlicensed/unauthorized games do you know of out there? And do you have any in your personal collection? If so, what are they like and how did you find them? 



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