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Honor Knight

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  • Birth Name: UNKNOWN
  • Date of Birth: 05, Jun 1855


Honor has spent the better part of his childhood and adult life inside a dark movie theater, eschewing such activities as social interaction and steady employment. Even though he may never see a girl naked in real life, he has forged a bond with cinema that has shaped his life as a blogger, screenwriter, show producer, and a fan of REALLY bad movies.
Introduction by Honor himself: 
I imagine an adventurist as someone who specializes in having adventures, even though there is no such job title. However, since there are biologists, archaeologists, and linguists, I suppose there's no reason why there can't be adventurists as well. While an 'adventurer' is someone who seeks out bold journeys and experiences, such as climbing Mt. Everest, or searching for lost treasure ships, an 'adventurist' seeks out life changing experiences in all the moments, both great and small.
KBHR's Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure sums this up nicely:
"You see, adventures come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, like -- getting your hair cut, falling in love. Even getting behind the wheel and backing out of the driveway can be a sublime act of fate -- as well as a monumental act of courage."
I thrive in the moments, and I believe it's important to get out and about in the world. We're talking the ability to physically move through space, whether it be a simple walk to the end of your driveway, or hiking to the top of a mountain. You never know what you might see, or what you may discover about yourself.
Be fearless in all that is around you.
This began for me at an early age when I discovered a love for amusement parks and all the thrills they had to offer. I developed my sense of adventure by challenging myself to 'survive' the various roller coasters and thrill rides that seemed to intimidate those with even the strongest constitutions. These theme parks excursions would eventually lead to many real world adventures for which I am grateful to have experienced.
Hiking, cave exploration, rock climbing, white water rafting, deep sea fishing. Big moments, to be sure, but just as important as the small creek I found on my walk yesterday, or taste testing a citrus olive oil at a small shop in Old Town San Diego.
Once, on a deep sea fishing trip, a fellow passenger was violently ill from the moment the boat left the dock. For seven of the eight hour trip he would vomit over the side, lay down for fifteen minutes, then get up and vomit again. We're talking twenty miles off shore here with nowhere to go. Finally, in the last hour, he managed to muster enough energy to prop himself up on a bench and throw a line over the side. As it turned out, he caught the biggest fish out of any of us, even if he was too sick to eat it later.
Irony aside, we never really know what will happen when we step out of our own little boxes, and that's part of the fun in life. As an adventurist, I continually seek experiences outside my comfort zone. This is not a 'death wish' so much as it is a 'life wish', to really live within the moment in all that I do. 
Sometimes there needs to be an element of danger, the rush of adrenalin to propel you forth into the unknown abyss. Sometimes there just needs to be a quiet moment of reflection to achieve the same result...


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