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Nora Crest

Co-Cinematic Flusher

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Nora Beth Crest
  • Date of Birth: 14, May 1984


Who am I? I'm a LADY goddamn it! I am a Nora. (If you have ever known any Nora's you know what that means.) I am a Taurus, born on a leap year that was the Bicentennial and the year of the Dragon. I am a mother, a fierce friend, and the angriest Buddhist that has ever been. I am a raging Buddha. I am a survivor of the Cult of Scientology. Born in, worked for, and escaped. I LOVE movies! I have seen thousands of them. I watch WAY too much TV. I have three DVRs and I am recording over 100 shows. I sincerely learned more from movies and television than the cult I was raised in.


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