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Gay Dave From Canada

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Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Dave
  • Date of Birth: 07, Feb 2017


Hailing from the country which doesn't require a border wall, Gay Dave, from Canada, first stumbled upon the TortureVision podcast while looking up episodes discussing his favorite film, Ass Masters 2, Electric Boogaloo...er...1978's Dawn of the Dead.  After listening to Anthony, Branden, and their guest Sarah point out the cheesy bits, he knew he had to get in on the fun.  Equipped with an insane amount of useless pop culture, movie, and TV knowledge gained over years of being unpopular in school, he reached out to the Torture Vision team, and the rest is history.  He lives with his partner just outside of Toronto with, stereotypical, two cats and a large collection of movie musical DVD's.



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