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Original Zelda - Co Op Challenge! (2016)

Action, Adventure, Video Games, Fantasy | 15 Min.

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It's the original Zelda! No denying this is a classic. This time on Let's Play Legend of Zelda, we try playing blindfolded. It's truly a frightening co-op experience.

Everyone loves Zelda. Everyone has done a Let's Play of Zelda. Ted and Peter decided to mix it up and give the game a new experience. Co-op mode! Ok, so it's not a true co-op mode, but a little homemade ingenuity and creativity has taken this Let's Play of The Legend of Zelda to... legendary proportions. Slap challenges, trivia, split screen, controller-sharing, even funny accents. You name it, Peter and Ted have tried it to give the game an interesting twist. 

We found during this series, that this is a great way to enjoy a classic game with a friend, and the great thing is - it's free! Try the blindfold challenge and see how you match up against us. Try blocking off half the screen so you need to rely on communication to survive and conquer. It's a blast and a half!

If you have never played this game before, give it a shot the old-fashioned way (and try not to use a walkthrough!) it's a classic, so experience it like your dad did. No guides, no cheating, and no wikipedia.

But... if you are too afraid of the danger to go it alone... take this:

Seriously, this site is awesome. It's a great place for everything Zelda - and the walkthroughs are ridiculously well designed. 


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Legend of Zelda - Co Op Challenge! | Ep 1: "The Blind Leading The Blind"

Action, Adventure, Video Games, Fantasy

Ep 2: "Secret Heart Containers"

Ep 3: "Some Shiny New Toys"

Ep 4: "Clock Luck"


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