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Cobra Triangle (2016)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Video Games | 7 Min.

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Cobra Triangle is a 1989 racingvehicular combat video game developed by Rare and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The player controls a weapon-equipped speedboat through 25 levels. Objectives include winning races, saving swimmers, and defusing bombs. The game also includes power-ups and is displayed from a 3D isometric perspective with automatic scrolling that follows the player's movement. The Stamper brothersdesigned the game and David Wise wrote its soundtrack. Computer and Video Games highly recommended the game and praised its graphics and gameplay. Later reviewers lauded its level diversity and noted its graphical similarities to previous Rare game R.C. Pro-AmIGN and GamesRadar ranked Cobra Triangle among their top NES games. The latter considered Cobra Triangle emblematic of the NES era's aesthetic. It was also included in Rare's 2015 Xbox One retrospective compilation, Rare Replay.



In this screenshot, the player protects against enemy vehicles

Cobra Triangle is a racingvehicular combat video game.[2] The player races a cannon-equipped speedboat against other watercraft. The 25 stages of graduated difficulty vary in objectives: winning races, saving swimmers, and defusing bombs. Some levels end in boss fights. In races, the speedboat must avoid the riverbank and mid-river obstacles while outpacing a timer. The boat can attack other competitors, fly airborne via ramps, and pick up power-ups that upgrade its weapons and speed. In upstream races, the player navigates the speedboat to avoid logs and whirlpools. In bomb defusing activities, the player moves four protected bombs to a detonation site. In another mode, the player must destroy rogue boats before they drag swimmers to the edge of the lake. Any swimmers dragged halfway must be manually returned to the lake's center. Some levels require the player to defeat a sea serpent. The player loses a life if unsuccessful. Cobra Triangle is displayed from a 3D isometric perspective and its screen automatically scrolls as the speedboat moves

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