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Welcome to The Basement, let's play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with our wives! The Basement is the friendliest place on YouTube!

In today's episode (Ep 1), we brave some marriage bombs. Will there be drama? Will there be miscommunication? Will there be passive aggression? Come downstairs and have a seat with us on the couch right here in The Basement - the friendliest place on YouTube!

To follow along with what our wives are looking at, click here:

Check out this hilarious Kotaku article about KTNE testing your relationships (by Nathan Grayson) )
[Note from The Basement - we cleaned up the language in this article a bit. Enjoy!]
I played bomb disarming Steam sensation Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes with my girlfriend. That might’ve been a bad idea.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a game with an extremely unique premise: one player is on their PC, interacting with a virtual bomb; the other(s) pull up the official bomb manual on their PC, phone, or what have you and give instructions on how to defuse said bomb. The twist? Only the defuser is allowed to look at the screen. Everyone else has to listen to the defuser’s (sometimes frustratingly vague) descriptions and tear through the manual for something matching them. Each bomb is made up of a series of randomized, hyper-specific modules that involve buttons, wires, mazes, Greek characters, and all sorts of other [nonsense], so good luck.

Having never played before, I decided to give it a try with my girlfriend. We are, generally speaking, decent at communicating, but we have some extremely... specific issues—ones that have, honestly, been pretty much exclusively responsible for every major fight we’ve had. As a master of forethought and crystal-ball-level soothsaying, I naturally didn’t think about this until we were in the middle of disarming a [ridiculous] bomb.

Oh, but it gets worse. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this thing about being misunderstood. I can think of few things that make me more anxious. When I was little, any time I’d say something, only for somebody to retort, “Oh, I thought you said, ‘[insert incredibly silly sounding thing here],’” I’d go beat-red and, on the verge of crying, shout, “NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT.” These days, if that sort of thing happens, I chuckle politely while my heart flutters like it’s full of butterflies and also a live volcano.

Our first bomb—the tutorial capable of leveling a small city block—was simple enough. A couple wire snips here, a few meticulously ordered button presses there aaaaaaand... done, with 50 precious seconds to spare. A few bombs later, however, we encountered our first true test: a tiny maze on a grid. We had two minutes left.

The Basement is a let's play Youtube channel - a duo of musical dads from Minnesota, USA. Family friendly gaming that's safe for kids, clean commentary and nostalgic experiences are our motto. Think of us as a clean Game Grumps kind of channel. Game Grumps clean? Kinda! We're definitely kid-friendly content with no swearing and games that are appropriate for all ages. We are proud to be the friendliest place on YouTube!


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Anthony Dynar

11 Months ago

Oh yeah, I got to get this game! You make it look like so much FUN but I'm sure it's crazy stressful!


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