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Spiritual Warfare NES (1992)

Action, Adventure, Video Games, Biblical |

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Welcome to The Basement, Let's play Spiritual Warfare!

This time on Let's Play Spiritual Warfare, we set out on a new adventure and discover a few things about the Armor of God and the Fruit of the Spirit. Holy content!

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Wisdom Tree is an American developer and publisher of Christian video games for the Nintendo Entertainment SystemSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemGame BoyPCMac, and Sega Genesis, headquartered in Pima CountyTucson, ArizonaUnited States. Wisdom Tree was born from the remnants of Color Dreams, one of the first companies to work around Nintendo's lockout chip technology on the NES.....They also released Spiritual Warfare, an action-adventure title similar in style to The Legend of Zelda, albeit with the requisite religious theme (the player, as a foot soldier in the Lord's army, is tasked with saving the souls of the heathen populace, using fruit of the spirit). The company also released ports of some of these games to the Sega Genesis and Game Boy, as well as Bible-reading programs (both King James and NIV versions) for Game Boy.


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Spiritual Warfare | Ep 1: "Meek = Conversions?"

Action, Adventure, Video Games, Biblical

Spiritual Warfare | Ep 2: "Those whacky Gentiles"

Spiritual Warfare | Ep 3: "I need a key?"

Spiritual Warfare | Ep 4: "Abraham's Bosom"


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